Protect Your Legacy with Umbrella Insurance in Saint Paul, MN

What would you do if you lost a court decision for slander, libel, or anything else? Depending on your lifestyle and your occupation, this might not be an outlandish scenario. There are hundreds of ways an outside actor could put your assets at risk. Unfortunately, your commercial or home insurance may not cover all of these events. Ask your Rising Star Insurance agent how you can protect your Saint Paul, MN home and business with umbrella insurance today.

How it Works

Umbrella insurance covers you if you have to pay damages due to a legal judgment. If someone sues, umbrella insurance can pay for your legal costs or court costs you are ordered to pay, thus protecting your assets. When you protect your wealth, you’re ensuring the future for your spouse and children who still depend on you or protecting your legacy for future generations.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Once your basic liability insurance is exhausted or if it’s an event that’s not covered by your basic liability insurance, the umbrella policy kicks in. A claim is made against you as a policyholder, then your insurance will pay a settlement not exceeding your total coverage. You’re responsible for paying the rest.

Without umbrella insurance coverage, you could lose your house, car, investments, and retirement accounts. If your business is subject to this risk, umbrella insurance provides protection for your family against the loss of your business, home, and other assets.

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Is Your Life Insurance Policy Really Enough?

Having life insurance can give you peace of mind and help provide security for your family. But is the policy you have providing enough coverage? Is it the right one for you? Those are important questions, and working with a knowledgeable agent at Rising Star Insurance can help you get answers you can count on. With the opportunity to get information and quotes from multiple companies, you can choose the policy that’s going to be the best fit for your needs. Some people need more coverage than others, and some have special situations or requirements they want to meet. No matter where in the Maplewood, MN area you live, you want to make sure you work with a company that will protect you the right way.

Whether your life insurance policy is enough often depends on your family situation, but there are additional considerations to address. A lot of people get life insurance when they start a career or a family, and then they just keep that policy. They don’t make any changes to it, meaning the policy doesn’t grow and change as their family grows and their life changes. What was enough for them at a young age with a spouse may not be enough for them at an older age with a spouse and two or three children.

It’s important to update and review a policy when things change in life to make sure the current coverage is still the best option. At Rising Star Insurance, we serve the Maplewood, MN area and are ready to help you get a life insurance policy that meets your needs or make changes to the existing one you have so it’s a better fit for your current life situation. Reach out to us today, and make sure your family is protected financially when your time comes.

Insuring Your Vintage Automobile

An antique vehicle requires specific insurance, especially if it is a collectible. An antique car is usually over 45 years old. When repairs are made, it is essential to keep all the parts in alignment with the specifications of the original manufacturer. There are many things about insuring an antique vehicle that differs from insuring a newer automobile, which includes:

  • Insurance values for antique vehicles usually increase, rather than decrease, over time.
  • Antique collectible vehicles are rarely driven because they have greater value with low mileage.
  • Some insurance policies for antique vehicles place restrictions on where the vehicle can be driven, such as only in car shows, at parades, or other special events.
  • Because they are not driven very much, if they are put on display, they need to be transported by truck and be insured during transport.
  • The insurance company underwriter and the antique car owner need to agree on the replacement value price. This can sometimes be determined from a price achieved by a recent auction of a similar vehicle.

Antique cars are different than vintage cars and classic cars. Vintage cars are usually ones that were made during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Classic cars are at least 20 years old and not more than 40 years old. Vintage vehicles can also be antique cars; however, not all antique cars are vintage cars. Ask your agent at Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN if you have any questions.

The good news is that even if an antique car has a high replacement value, the fact that it is infrequently driven can keep the insurance premiums at a very modest level. Antique vehicles are typically stored in a garage and continued to be restored, rather than spending much time on the road.

If you own an antique car or are planning to buy one, contact your agent Rising Star Insurance, serving Saint Paul, MN, and the surrounding area, to get a quote for new coverage or to upgrade existing coverage. Our agents are waiting to help you get started.

Different Kinds of Commercial Insurance

Every business is different, which means every commercial insurance plan needs to be a bit different as well. The insurance coverage needs to be designed specifically for your company in mind. That is why Rising Star Insurance is here to help assist in finding the right coverage for your business in and around the Saint Paul, MN area. 

Property Insurance

Property insurance isn’t just for someone who owns the building. It also goes for those who rent out the facility as well. Property insurance will cover furniture, equipment, the loss of items from theft and so on. Replacing these items can prove costly, and many companies do not have the available capital to pay for such replacements. That’s why having the insurance coverage is important. 

Home Insurance

If you run your business out of the house, there’s a specific insurance coverage for it. While many businesses start out of the house, traditional home owner’s insurance does not always cover certain elements. This can include product stock, electronics and other hardware associated with running the business. Much like property insurance for a physical business location, home insurance for a business is necessary as well. 

Product Liability Insurance

In the off chance one of your products injures someone, it can cost you a considerable amount of money, if you’re not properly protected. Product liability insurance will give you this protection. 

No matter what kind of business you own and operate, you need appropriate commercial insurance. There are varying forms of commercial insurance available, so finding the right plans and packages is important. At Rising Star Insurance, you can work with a team of trained professionals, each of whom is on hand to help you find the coverage you need when doing business in and around Saint Paul, MN. Talk with one of our agents to get a quote and get started.

Does My Home Insurance Cover Jewelry?

A typical homeowners’ policy will provide coverage for losses resulting from damages to the structure of your home and some of your personal belongings inside. Items lost due to theft or burglary are also covered under this policy — BUT not all of them. For a loss to be covered by the homeowners’ insurance policy, it must be insured under any of the standard set of 16 specific perils included in a homeowners’ policy whether you’re in Saint Paul, MN or anywhere in the state.

Standard Perils

Damages from vandalism, fire, hail, electrical current, falling objects, water (from plumbing issues), aircraft, hail, windstorm, volcanic eruption, etc. are generally covered under a standard homeowners’ policy. Theft and burglary are also covered. All damages are compensated up to a limit that’s explicitly stated in the policy. 

The Coverage for Jewelry and Other High-Valued Items 

Usually, jewelry and other high-value items in the house are covered if they are lost or damaged under circumstances involving any of the standard homeowners’ policy perils mentioned above — and often listed in the policy. The risk has to be explicitly listed in the policy for the loss to be covered. Remember that flooding isn’t covered under a homeowners’ insurance policy, so unless you have a separate flood insurance coverage, you will not receive any compensation if your piece of jewelry is lost or damaged in a flood. 

Increasing Coverage for Your Jewelry

More often than not, even when loss or damage occurs under covered circumstances, the payment offered doesn’t match the actual value of the jewel. Some insurance providers offer separate policies to cover jewelry and help their customers avoid excessive losses. This includes comprehensive policies and jewel floaters.

Home Policies with Rising Star Insurance

Based in Saint Paul, MN, Rising Star Insurance goes the extra mile to ensure that your jewelry is sufficiently covered under our comprehensive policies and other options. Give us a call today and talk to one of our agents if you want more details about our home insurance coverage options. 


How Should You Handle Insuring Your Classic Car?

Most motorheads tend to keep a project or two around just for those wide-open weekends where they can work on bringing an old classic back to life. Car enthusiasts like to use the skills they have developed throughout their life. For others, it can be a gift for a son or daughter or even a retirement plan.

Here are a few tips from Rising Star Insurance to get the best possible policy for your classic car.

Determine the Value – The assigned value of the car will vary depending on which agency you go to. For instance, some insurance agencies might value the work you have already put in differently from others. Whereas you think it only needs a couple more Saturdays put in, the insurance agency might find that hard to believe. Decide on a specific value range you will feel good about.

Driving Frequency – For most cases in Saint Paul, MN, a classic car will be kept in the garage, wrapped in a tarp and hidden from the elements. This is not your everyday vehicle. It is the change-of-pace, Sunday drive type vehicle. This means you will not be driving it as much as you would a main policy vehicle, your policy should reflect that.

Different Company, Different Coverage – Classic cars are known in the public sphere by their distinctive look. The Chargers, Challengers, and older Mustangs of yesterday have a style that makes them very desirable today. But there are lesser-known classic cars that appeal to different drivers. Be aware of the market for your vehicle. You need a policy that fits your exact collector’s car.

Classic cars can be a beautiful but stressful endeavor. If you are located in the Saint Paul, MN area and want to explore your option for classic car insurance, call us at Rising Star Insurance to find your ideal policy.

What Information Do You Need to Provide When Getting a Quote for Recreational Insurance?

Here at Rising Star Insurance, serving the greater Saint Paul, MN area, one of the products we sell is recreational insurance. This is insurance that covers all of your recreational vehicles and toys, including quads, dirt bikes, jet skis, and RVs. If you are looking to purchase a new policy, you may wonder what information you will need to provide the agent to get a quote. Here are three critical pieces of information you should be prepared to provide.

The Type of Recreational Vehicle You Are Insuring

The first piece of information you will need to provide when you are looking to obtain a quote for recreational insurance is the type of recreational vehicle you are looking to insure. Always try to determine what type of vehicle your recreational vehicle is classified as and provide the proper term for it. 

The VIN of the Vehicle

Another key piece of information that you will need to provide when getting a quote for recreational insurance is the VIN of the vehicle. The VIN allows the insurance agent to pull information on the vehicle, such as its age, condition, and what type of classification the vehicle has. 

If There Are Any Add-On Parts

The last piece of information you should be prepared to provide when you are looking to get a quote for recreational insurance is whether there are any add-on or specialized parts on your recreational vehicle. These add-on or specialized parts are not typically covered. However, you may be able to take out a supplemental policy to cover these additional parts. 

If you are looking to purchase a new recreational insurance policy in the greater Saint Paul, MN area, Rising Star Insurance is here to help. Contact us today to obtain a free estimate. 

Safe Biking In Saint Paul, MN

People in other states think they’ve seen serious winters. In Saint Paul, MN, we’ll take out the beach balls, parasols, and sunbathe by frozen lakes when March rolls around. So the winters here are serious business, and we’re pretty sure Rising Star Insurance and a dozen other providers will back us up on that. So here’s how you don’t become a statistic biking on Minnesota’s frozen roads:

More Space!

When riding on frozen roads, the golden rule is always "more space!" More space to stop your bike, more space between vehicles, more space in every situation. The more space you have, the safer you’ll be out on the road.

Pull Over

You’re used to snowy roads, we get it, but there’s snow, and then there’s snow. If you’re dealing with blizzard conditions and low visibility, the best option may be to pull over the next time you get a chance and wait for the worst part of the storm to blow over before continuing on your trip. Hunker down in a diner or gas station, and stay warm and safe until you can make the rest of the trip.

Consider Skipping The Trip

Snowy roads are dangerous enough for drivers. It goes double for bike riders. If you’re looking at serious storm conditions, ask yourself if you really need to ride up the road for a pack of beef jerky right now.

Beyond that, experience on icy roads goes a long way. The more time you spend riding in Saint Paul, MN, the better you’ll be at it. Rising Star Insurance can cover you should something happen, but best case scenario is that nothing happens in the first place.

Am I required to get boat insurance in Minnesota?

After purchasing a new boat to use on the lake, you probably don’t even want to think about issues like legal liability or government red tape. Although having liability insurance is not mandated by Minnesota’s government, you should always have insurance to cover possible accidents that disrupt your fun. Keep in mind that it is obligatory to have your boat titled. You can find great deals on boat insurance with Rising Star Insurance if you live in the Saint Paul, MN area.

Homeowner’s Insurance Will Not Cover Your Boat

If you are like most boat owners, you will leave your boat parked in your driveway or garage for most of the year. You may also assume that it will be covered in the event of a disaster by your home’s insurance policy since it is on the property. For most boats and insurance policies, this is not the case since policies will cover a very minimal amount. If you have a boat that is worth upwards of $10,000 or more, you will need to take out a separate boat insurance policy.

Take Boating Classes

Not only will boating classes teach good habits and keep you much safer on the water, but it will also reduce the amount you have to pay for your insurance plan. Even the DMV of Minnesota highly recommends that boat owners take safety courses so that they will save money on insurance.

In many other states, boat insurance is required, and that may be the case in the future in Minnesota. Apart from legal responsibility, it is a good idea to have your legal liability covered so that you don’t end up in hot water. You may save big bucks on your insurance plan by consulting with Rising Star Insurance if you live in the Saint Paul, MN area.

Three Reasons Umbrella Insurance Is Essential for Homeowners

Saint Paul, MN residents who currently have a homeowners insurance policy that does not feature umbrella insurance may think that umbrella insurance is simply not for them. After all, it’s a common misconception that only the wealthy can purchase umbrella insurance as it is supplementary and not mandatory.

However, this is indeed a misconception. Here are three reasons why umbrella insurance is essential for all homeowners — regardless of your income.

1. It provides liability coverage for your home.

Someone can actually sue you if they are injured on your property and claim that your negligence caused their injury. Umbrella insurance provides coverage for medical bills in these cases and can also provide financial aid for your legal defense.

2. It provides liability coverage for car accidents.

In addition to providing liability coverage for your home and accidents that may occur there and result in lawsuits, umbrella insurance also offers coverage for auto accidents. For example, if you are at-fault in an auto accident and someone sues you, medical bills and legal coverage could be provided by your umbrella insurance.

3. It’s not expensive.

The last reason you should consider umbrella insurance for your homeowner’s insurance policy is that it’s not generally that expensive. Most of any claims you make will be covered by your first-tier homeowner’s insurance plan, so premiums for umbrella insurance are usually not expensive.

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If you are a Saint Paul, MN resident, Rising Star Insurance can help you find an umbrella insurance policy that meets your needs. We serve residents of White Bear Lake and the St. Paul area. Speak with one of our agents today about your umbrella plan options by giving us a call or stopping by our nearest location. We look forward to working with you!