Different Kinds of Commercial Insurance

Every business is different, which means every commercial insurance plan needs to be a bit different as well. The insurance coverage needs to be designed specifically for your company in mind. That is why Rising Star Insurance is here to help assist in finding the right coverage for your business in and around the Saint Paul, MN area. 

Property Insurance

Property insurance isn’t just for someone who owns the building. It also goes for those who rent out the facility as well. Property insurance will cover furniture, equipment, the loss of items from theft and so on. Replacing these items can prove costly, and many companies do not have the available capital to pay for such replacements. That’s why having the insurance coverage is important. 

Home Insurance

If you run your business out of the house, there’s a specific insurance coverage for it. While many businesses start out of the house, traditional home owner’s insurance does not always cover certain elements. This can include product stock, electronics and other hardware associated with running the business. Much like property insurance for a physical business location, home insurance for a business is necessary as well. 

Product Liability Insurance

In the off chance one of your products injures someone, it can cost you a considerable amount of money, if you’re not properly protected. Product liability insurance will give you this protection. 

No matter what kind of business you own and operate, you need appropriate commercial insurance. There are varying forms of commercial insurance available, so finding the right plans and packages is important. At Rising Star Insurance, you can work with a team of trained professionals, each of whom is on hand to help you find the coverage you need when doing business in and around Saint Paul, MN. Talk with one of our agents to get a quote and get started.