Does My Home Insurance Cover Jewelry?

A typical homeowners’ policy will provide coverage for losses resulting from damages to the structure of your home and some of your personal belongings inside. Items lost due to theft or burglary are also covered under this policy — BUT not all of them. For a loss to be covered by the homeowners’ insurance policy, it must be insured under any of the standard set of 16 specific perils included in a homeowners’ policy whether you’re in Saint Paul, MN or anywhere in the state.

Standard Perils

Damages from vandalism, fire, hail, electrical current, falling objects, water (from plumbing issues), aircraft, hail, windstorm, volcanic eruption, etc. are generally covered under a standard homeowners’ policy. Theft and burglary are also covered. All damages are compensated up to a limit that’s explicitly stated in the policy. 

The Coverage for Jewelry and Other High-Valued Items 

Usually, jewelry and other high-value items in the house are covered if they are lost or damaged under circumstances involving any of the standard homeowners’ policy perils mentioned above — and often listed in the policy. The risk has to be explicitly listed in the policy for the loss to be covered. Remember that flooding isn’t covered under a homeowners’ insurance policy, so unless you have a separate flood insurance coverage, you will not receive any compensation if your piece of jewelry is lost or damaged in a flood. 

Increasing Coverage for Your Jewelry

More often than not, even when loss or damage occurs under covered circumstances, the payment offered doesn’t match the actual value of the jewel. Some insurance providers offer separate policies to cover jewelry and help their customers avoid excessive losses. This includes comprehensive policies and jewel floaters.

Home Policies with Rising Star Insurance

Based in Saint Paul, MN, Rising Star Insurance goes the extra mile to ensure that your jewelry is sufficiently covered under our comprehensive policies and other options. Give us a call today and talk to one of our agents if you want more details about our home insurance coverage options.