Am I required to get boat insurance in Minnesota?

After purchasing a new boat to use on the lake, you probably don’t even want to think about issues like legal liability or government red tape. Although having liability insurance is not mandated by Minnesota’s government, you should always have insurance to cover possible accidents that disrupt your fun. Keep in mind that it is obligatory to have your boat titled. You can find great deals on boat insurance with Rising Star Insurance if you live in the Saint Paul, MN area.

Homeowner’s Insurance Will Not Cover Your Boat

If you are like most boat owners, you will leave your boat parked in your driveway or garage for most of the year. You may also assume that it will be covered in the event of a disaster by your home’s insurance policy since it is on the property. For most boats and insurance policies, this is not the case since policies will cover a very minimal amount. If you have a boat that is worth upwards of $10,000 or more, you will need to take out a separate boat insurance policy.

Take Boating Classes

Not only will boating classes teach good habits and keep you much safer on the water, but it will also reduce the amount you have to pay for your insurance plan. Even the DMV of Minnesota highly recommends that boat owners take safety courses so that they will save money on insurance.

In many other states, boat insurance is required, and that may be the case in the future in Minnesota. Apart from legal responsibility, it is a good idea to have your legal liability covered so that you don’t end up in hot water. You may save big bucks on your insurance plan by consulting with Rising Star Insurance if you live in the Saint Paul, MN area.