How umbrella insurance supplements your home and auto policies

Despite our best intentions, accidents happen, and that is why you buy insurance. However, some people don’t have the right insurance or the right combination of insurance and coverage. The team at Rising Star Insurance serves Saint Paul, MN, so we want to ensure you are familiar with umbrella insurance and how it can protect you and your family.

Minnesotans experience severe weather, so consider what might happen if someone fell on your property or you were at fault in an auto accident involving serious injuries. In either situation, the liability for those injuries could exceed the amount covered by your home or auto policies, leaving you responsible for the remainder. In the worst case, that could mean the loss of your savings, home, or other assets.

That is where umbrella insurance kicks in by covering amounts over your standard policies’ limits. Of course, most policyholders never need to use their umbrella insurance, which makes these policies relatively inexpensive. In addition, umbrella insurance covers the "What Ifs" and provides peace of mind knowing your family is fully protected.

Besides your home and auto liabilities, umbrella policies can cover legal and court costs. Umbrella insurance doesn’t cover your personal property, business losses, fraudulent actions, or contractual obligations, but it provides an extra layer of protection by covering amounts over your standard policies.

Knowing you and your family are protected is comforting in a world where anything can happen. So, if you live in Saint Paul, MN, and want to discuss how umbrella or other insurance offers protection, the team at Rising Star Insurance stands ready to help. Call us today to look at the options that make the most sense for you.