Three Reasons Umbrella Insurance Is Essential for Homeowners

Saint Paul, MN residents who currently have a homeowners insurance policy that does not feature umbrella insurance may think that umbrella insurance is simply not for them. After all, it’s a common misconception that only the wealthy can purchase umbrella insurance as it is supplementary and not mandatory.

However, this is indeed a misconception. Here are three reasons why umbrella insurance is essential for all homeowners — regardless of your income.

1. It provides liability coverage for your home.

Someone can actually sue you if they are injured on your property and claim that your negligence caused their injury. Umbrella insurance provides coverage for medical bills in these cases and can also provide financial aid for your legal defense.

2. It provides liability coverage for car accidents.

In addition to providing liability coverage for your home and accidents that may occur there and result in lawsuits, umbrella insurance also offers coverage for auto accidents. For example, if you are at-fault in an auto accident and someone sues you, medical bills and legal coverage could be provided by your umbrella insurance.

3. It’s not expensive.

The last reason you should consider umbrella insurance for your homeowner’s insurance policy is that it’s not generally that expensive. Most of any claims you make will be covered by your first-tier homeowner’s insurance plan, so premiums for umbrella insurance are usually not expensive.

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