Safe Biking In Saint Paul, MN

People in other states think they’ve seen serious winters. In Saint Paul, MN, we’ll take out the beach balls, parasols, and sunbathe by frozen lakes when March rolls around. So the winters here are serious business, and we’re pretty sure Rising Star Insurance and a dozen other providers will back us up on that. So here’s how you don’t become a statistic biking on Minnesota’s frozen roads:

More Space!

When riding on frozen roads, the golden rule is always "more space!" More space to stop your bike, more space between vehicles, more space in every situation. The more space you have, the safer you’ll be out on the road.

Pull Over

You’re used to snowy roads, we get it, but there’s snow, and then there’s snow. If you’re dealing with blizzard conditions and low visibility, the best option may be to pull over the next time you get a chance and wait for the worst part of the storm to blow over before continuing on your trip. Hunker down in a diner or gas station, and stay warm and safe until you can make the rest of the trip.

Consider Skipping The Trip

Snowy roads are dangerous enough for drivers. It goes double for bike riders. If you’re looking at serious storm conditions, ask yourself if you really need to ride up the road for a pack of beef jerky right now.

Beyond that, experience on icy roads goes a long way. The more time you spend riding in Saint Paul, MN, the better you’ll be at it. Rising Star Insurance can cover you should something happen, but best case scenario is that nothing happens in the first place.