Three things to do before you purchase motorcycle insurance

Choosing a motorcycle insurance policy in Saint Paul, MN is a big choice. To make this choice, you need to do your research and contact insurance providers like us at Rising Star Insurance.

The following are three things you should do before you make a purchase on the right motorcycle insurance policy for your needs. 

Compare rates between different providers

There are a lot of different insurance providers out there to choose from. You can shop around and compare rates between providers to find the best solution for your needs. 

Most motorcycle insurance providers will provide you with a free quote on a policy. It’s a good idea to get a few quotes before you make a decision on a particular policy. 

Look out for discount opportunities

You may have some discount possibilities available to you when you’re purchasing motorcycle insurance. You could be offered a discount for having a good riding record or a long history without infractions as a motorcyclist. You could also be given a discount if you bundle policies or if your bike has certain safety features. 

Understand state requirements

Motorcycle insurance is more than just a good thing for bikers to have. In the vast majority of states, it’s also required by law. In the state of Minnesota, motorcyclists need to carry $30,000 in coverage for death or injury for one person. They also need to carry $60,000 in coverage or death or injury for multiple people. Another insurance requirement for motorcyclists is at least $10,000 of property damage coverage. 

If you’d like to learn more about motorcycle insurance coverage in Saint Paul, MN, we can help. Contact us with your questions at Rising Star Insurance.