Does boat insurance cover damages that occur on land?

What a great question! Here at Rising Star Insurance we always welcome questions like these from our clients. We are thrilled to serve the boating community in the greater Saint Paul, MN area! Of course, the answer to this astute question depends on a number of different factors. 

Let’s Take a Closer Look Your Boat Insurance Policy

Owning a boat is a serious pastime in our neck of the woods, and it’s a smart idea to have comprehensive insurance. And when you have the right coverage for your situation you can rest easy knowing you have the protection you need!

  • Dry dock — do you store your boat in the dry dock over the winter? Make sure that you have damage and theft coverage for when your boat is on dry land.
  • Marina — is your marina safe? With the right policy, you’ll have the protection you need, wherever your boat may be.
  • Transport to and from the water — if you trailer your boat to and from the water, make sure that your trailer, vehicle, and boat are all adequately covered.
  • Liability — with robust liability protection you are safe if your vessel is involved in an accident that causes injury, property damage, or the loss of your boat. 

Get ready for boating and lake season by confirming that your boat policy is the right one for all your nautical needs.

Contact us today and review the boat insurance policy options available in MN

If you are a boat owner in the Saint Paul, MN area, it’s time to meet with Rising Star Insurance and review your policy options. There are many different types of boat insurance available, stop by today and let’s make sure yours has the coverage you need!