What are the Benefits of Classic Car Insurance?

Owning a classic car is a dream for many people in the Saint Paul, MN area. Like any other type of vehicle, you will need to make sure that you have the standard liability insurance coverage in place if you are to take a classic car out on the road. However, you should also have classic car insurance coverage for your vehicle. This is a unique type of auto insurance that will provide you with a variety of benefits.

Coverage Designed for Classic Cars

One advantage of classic car insurance is that it can provide you with additional vehicle coverage. Most auto insurance providers traditionally use an actual cash value or stated value policy to determine coverage levels. This is often not enough coverage given the underlying value of a classic car. With classic car insurance, you can negotiate a much higher coverage level based on the market value of the collector’s item. 

Specialized Services

If you have a classic car, you can also get specialized services that are designed for these older and valuable vehicles. For example, you can get roadside assistance from services that guarantee flatbed towing, coverage for the expensive replacement parts to retain the classic status, and even the ability to pick the repair shop of choice. This will help to ensure your classic car stays in great shape and retains its value. 

If you have a classic car in the Saint Paul, MN area, you should speak to the team at Rising Star Insurance. The professionals at Rising Star Insurance will be able to better explain to you all of the benefits that come with this specialized insurance. We will then help you to get into a classic car insurance policy that provides you and your vehicle with the right type and level of coverage. Contact our offices to receive a quote.