Weather and Your Home Insurance Policy: Are You Covered?

Each year, insurance companies pay out billions of dollars in weather-related insurance claims. As extreme weather becomes more common and less predictable, the number of claims is expected to rise. If you have a homeowners insurance policy, you’re likely covered for most frequent weather events. However, not all weather-related damages are covered by all insurance policies. It’s up to you to figure out exactly what your policy covers, so you’re protected when severe weather strikes. 

Some policies limit or refuse payouts for select damages caused by wind and water. This applies in particular if you live in a Saint Paul, MN community that’s at risk for certain weather-related disasters. To make sure you have enough coverage, contact Rising Star Insurance Brokers today. You can also scan your current policy.

Pay close attention to: 

Water Damage

Water damage is common in most weather-related events. However, it’s not always covered. Some policies limit coverage for water intrusion caused by flooding while covering water damage resulting from broken pipes, melting snow, and torrential rains. This is particularly the case in policies purchased for homes located in areas that are known to flood. 

It’s up to you to make sure you’re covered before a flood occurs. If your policy does not include flood coverage, you may be able to purchase an additional flood policy or rider. 

Wind Damage

If you live in an area that’s beset with high winds, you may not be covered for certain types of wind damage unless your policy specifically says otherwise. Always pay attention to the exceptions included in your policy and cover the gaps in coverage with additional insurance coverage. 

To find out if you will be covered when severe weather strikes in Saint Paul, MN, call Rising Star Insurance Brokers and talk to an agent today.