What other watercraft can you cover with boat insurance?

When you own a boat, you probably also own other watercraft. You might own a jet ski or two, a Seadoo, and athletic gear like water skis. You probably also own a canoe or kayak. They all need insurance, but did you know that you can insure them under your boat insurance policy from Rising Star Insurance?

The same boat insurance protects you while you navigate the waters of the lakes near Saint Paul, MN. While you don’t need a separate policy to protect all of the items you own, you need to list them all in your insurance policy. The list of property you provide to our insurance agent and the cost of your purchase of each of those items forms the foundation of our calculations for your premiums. Still, it also includes the basis for the property amount that your policy covers.

What That Means to You

Let’s say you buy a boat, a Seadoo, and a Kawasaki Jet Ski. You insure the boat for its purchase price of $150,000, but you leave off the Seadoo and jet ski. Even if you transport the three items on the same trailer and an accident damage them all simultaneously, your policy only covers the items named in it so that it wouldn’t cover the other watercraft. That means you’d lose about $14,000 that you would have to pay out of pocket to replace it.

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