Do You Need to Change Your Auto Insurance When You Move to St. Paul, MN?

As a new St. Paul, MN resident and car owner, it’s a good idea to determine whether you should add "switching car insurance" to your to-do list. Whether you’re a long-term resident of St. Paul, MN, or a new one, our team of insurance professionals at Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN is happy to help you navigate the auto insurance field. You might not need to change it depending on where you initially held your auto insurance policy. We’ve compiled some useful information below to show you whether it’s time to change auto insurance in the middle of your move.

Do I Need to Switch Auto Insurance Policies When Moving to St. Paul, MN?

If you were already a Minnesota state resident, you can keep your auto insurance the same if you’d like. Of course, if you moved across the state, switching to an auto insurance option with an office closer to your new residence may be more convenient. What’s more, you’ll have local help if you run into an issue with your auto insurance or need to file a claim. This can give you extra peace of mind and comfort. 

You only need to change your car insurance policy if you move to Minnesota from out-of-state. Even if you’re coming from a nearby neighboring state, you’ll need to switch to a local insurance carrier. Although this can feel like a hassle, our team has helped many out-of-state residents obtain local car insurance. We do our best to make finding the right auto insurance policy a breeze.

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