Preparing Your Home for Cooler Weather

When the thermometer starts to drop, there are some "to-do" items you can do to prepare your home for cooler weather. This is especially important in a frigid place like the Midwest and Minnesota. Keep the following in mind. These tips are courtesy of Rising Star Insurance serving Saint Paul, MN.

Check and service the HVAC systems.

You should have your HVAC system professionally checked and serviced by a reputable company. That company can tell you if you need any maintenance completed and what to do to get your system into tip-top shape. The reason you should have your HVAC system working correctly is that this leads to greater energy efficiency and overall effectiveness of the system.

Change your home’s filters.

It would be best if you also changed filters around your home before autumn arrives or as soon as possible. That includes the air filters for your HVAC system. That way, your HVAC system will work most efficiently during cold weather.

Check smoke detectors and change batteries.

The change of seasons provides an excellent reminder to check your smoke detectors and change the batteries in them. You want to ensure everything is working correctly throughout autumn and winter. This is extremely important as you work to make your home as safe as possible.

Have supplies like blankets on hand for power outages

You never know when a winter storm or any other reason might cause a power outage in your area. Be prepared by having supplies on hand. That includes blankets, batteries, flashlights, water, and nonperishable food. There are many other ways to prepare for power outages, such as a generator.

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