What should I do when hit by an uninsured motorist?

Can I still get compensation if I’m hit by an uninsured driver? What should I do when faced by such a challenge? These are some of the common questions we receive at Rising Star Insurance from some of our auto insurance clients. Despite carrying a minimum liability coverage being a requirement by the law, we still have some regular drivers across Saint Paul, MN who still drive without insurance. This is not only dangerous to the driver but other drivers and passengers as well. It is also a criminal offense.

So, what should you do when hit by an insured driver?

Call the Police

If you ever get into an accident, whether the other party has insurance or not, always call the Police. If you are dealing with an uninsured motorist, then this step becomes even more critical. The Police will help you get your compensation and make the whole claim process faster and smoother.

Do not accept any negotiations until your insurance agents and the Police have arrived

Never negotiate with an uninsured driver. This is a common occurrence as most uninsured drivers try to avoid the hefty fines and the legal repercussions that come with driving without insurance.  For this reason, they may try to trick you and offer to give you a certain amount of money, so you clear the compensation before it gets to the Police. Remember, at this point; you don’t know how much damage or injuries will cost. So, even if it seems a good deal, don’t accept money.

Gather as much evidence as possible

Take pictures of the vehicle as well as the damage done to your car. Get the make and model of the other vehicle and record the time of the accident and the badge number of the officer who will attend to you.

Getting hit by an uninsured driver can be worrying, but not when you have Rising Star insurance agents around. We care about your safety, and that’s why we will be there with you to make sure you get compensation and the justice you deserve. For more discussions about uninsured accidents, feel free to visit us at Saint Paul, MN today.

How you are covered with auto insurance in Saint Paul, MN

For people all over the Saint Paul, MN area, owning a car can be a necessity. If you are going to purchase this car, it is important that you protect the valuable asset. One way that you can do this is by getting an auto insurance policy as it will cover you in several ways. 

Protection for Liability

One way that you are covered with an auto insurance policy is that you can receive protection for liability. Even if you are a very safe driver, there is always a small chance that you could cause an accident. If this occurs, you are going to be required to cover any damages that are caused. Since this can be a big expense, you need to have a liability insurance policy in place to cover against this risk.

Protects Assets

Another way that your auto insurance policy can protect you is by providing you with property coverage for your vehicle. If you have a car that you would like to be able to replace if it is damaged or stolen, you should get a full policy with comprehensive and collision coverage. This will give coverage for almost any situation that could result in a loss. 

Anyone that is in the Saint Paul, MN area will benefit from auto insurance as it provides several forms of protection. If you are looking to buy a car or are evaluating your current coverage, you should call Rising Star Insurance. The insurance team at Rising Star Insurance is aware of how important it is to get into a quality auto insurance policy. When you contact them, they will be able to help you pick a policy that provides the right coverage and ensures you are in full compliance with the law. 

How auto insurance can protect you

Driving a car on a daily basis is a basic necessity and responsibility for people that are all over the Saint Paul, MN area. When you do own a car, you need to remember that you are driving an asset that also comes with a lot of responsibilities. One important responsibility that you have will be the need to carry auto insurance. Having a quality auto insurance policy can protect you with a number of different ways. 

Protects Your Car

When you receive a full auto insurance policy you will receive great coverage for your vehicle. This can include receiving coverage if your car is damaged, stolen, or vandalized. Since your car is such a valuable asset that you need to invest a lot of money in, this type of coverage will prove to be very valuable. Further, it likely will also be required by an auto loan provider. 

Provide Liability Coverage

While most people think of how auto insurance can protect their car, it can also give you very valuable liability coverage. If you are ever involved in an accident and determined to be the party at fault, you will be required to pay for all damages caused. If you do not have liability insurance in place, you could end up having to come out of pocket to cover these expenses. 

Auto insurance can provide you with some great coverage when you are behind the wheel. Before you start driving your next car in the Saint Paul, MN area, you should reach out to the team at Rising Star Insurance. The professionals at Rising Star Insurance know what type of coverage will provide you with the best protection possible. They will then explain your options and make sure that you have all of the information you need before making the important decision. 

Insuring Your Vintage Automobile

An antique vehicle requires specific insurance, especially if it is a collectible. An antique car is usually over 45 years old. When repairs are made, it is essential to keep all the parts in alignment with the specifications of the original manufacturer. There are many things about insuring an antique vehicle that differs from insuring a newer automobile, which includes:

  • Insurance values for antique vehicles usually increase, rather than decrease, over time.
  • Antique collectible vehicles are rarely driven because they have greater value with low mileage.
  • Some insurance policies for antique vehicles place restrictions on where the vehicle can be driven, such as only in car shows, at parades, or other special events.
  • Because they are not driven very much, if they are put on display, they need to be transported by truck and be insured during transport.
  • The insurance company underwriter and the antique car owner need to agree on the replacement value price. This can sometimes be determined from a price achieved by a recent auction of a similar vehicle.

Antique cars are different than vintage cars and classic cars. Vintage cars are usually ones that were made during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Classic cars are at least 20 years old and not more than 40 years old. Vintage vehicles can also be antique cars; however, not all antique cars are vintage cars. Ask your agent at Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN if you have any questions.

The good news is that even if an antique car has a high replacement value, the fact that it is infrequently driven can keep the insurance premiums at a very modest level. Antique vehicles are typically stored in a garage and continued to be restored, rather than spending much time on the road.

If you own an antique car or are planning to buy one, contact your agent Rising Star Insurance, serving Saint Paul, MN, and the surrounding area, to get a quote for new coverage or to upgrade existing coverage. Our agents are waiting to help you get started.

3 Reasons to Rethink Your Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance probably doesn’t cross your mind on an average day. With all the things going on, it makes sense that you’d push it to the side for practically any other subject matter. However, this kind of thinking could very well get you into more trouble than you think. See why Rising Star Insurance wants you to rethink your auto insurance. 

It’s Linked to Your Independence 

  • Your car is your transportation to many important things in your life, such as work and school. Saint Paul, MN certainly has public transportation, but it’s not going to be as convenient as having your own car. If you don’t have enough auto insurance coverage to fix it up after a bad wreck, your whole lifestyle may have to change. You may feel like you’ve lost the option to choose how you get around. 

It’s Always Changing 

  • Your car, your location, your lifestyle: it can all change in a heartbeat, and your auto insurance has to change with it. If you add a fancy stereo system to your car, move to a new city, or start using it for your job, you need to call your insurance company to let them know. 

It’s Not All the Same 

  • Not every insurance carrier is the same, and it’s time you find out why. If you live in Saint Paul, MN, then call Rising Star Insurance to see how we’re different. We take the time to answer your questions and to work on your behalf to help you make the best possible decisions. Whether you choose to buy more coverage or stick with your current levels, we want you to feel completely confident and prepared in your choices. Call us today to see how we can help!