How to Avoid Auto Insurance Scams and Be Safe

Buying auto insurance is paramount in protecting you from the uncertainty of accidents. However, you should also be careful to avoid sales scams because fraudulent agents, real and fake, take this opportunity to scam unsuspecting drivers. If you reside in Saint Paul, MN, Rising Star Insurance is a reputable and trustworthy insurance agency to help with all your auto insurance needs.

The following is how to be safe from auto insurance scams in 2021.

Look Out for Accident Scams

Scammers sometimes stage an accident scene very carefully with fake witnesses and legal advisors for made-up testimonies. It will be hard for an innocent driver to tell the truth about what happened with the combined effort of the scammers. In case of an accident, immediately request an official report to ensure the scammers don’t exaggerate the damage on their cars for a bigger claim.

Referral Frauds

Never provide personal information to anyone without verifying their credibility. Research the agent and the agency as there are many rising cases of auto insurance scams from referrals and other unsolicited sources. The state’s insurance department has a website where you can find licensed and reputable agencies.

At Rising Star Insurance, our agents are ethical, licensed, and legally permitted to provide auto insurance services to our clients.

Insurer Tricks

Sometimes cheap can turn out to be very expensive in the future. There are some fake agents who put ads online claiming to sell cheap auto insurance policies. If you invest in them without doing proper research, you might not realize the missing premiums till time to claim. Some unethical insurance agents may also add things you didn’t ask for to your premiums or coverages to get an extra commission, and it ends up costing you.

Car accidents are very stressful, especially if you don’t have a good insurer. That’s why you should always conduct in-depth research about a potential insurance agency before buying an auto policy. At Rising Star Insurance serving Saint Paul, MN, we value our clients, and that’s why we go above and beyond to ensure they get exactly what they need. Call us for quality auto insurance services and don’t fall victim to a fake agent’s scam.