What Is Covered and Not Covered By Home Insurance?

As a homeowner, you should do your best to protect your property. One of the best and most efficient ways is to have proper home insurance. However, you should also know and understand what is covered and what is not by home insurance.

Keep on reading to learn more about home insurance coverage:

What Is Covered By Standard Home Insurance?

Typically, standard home insurance covers a great range of damages. It covers your home (dwelling) and other properties located on your property, including a garage, fences, driveway, and others. However, if you have a structure on your property that you use for business purposes, it probably won’t be covered.

Personal property and belongings are also usually covered by insurance. This type of coverage is sometimes called contents insurance. It is important to note that coverage can be limited to certain types of items, such as jewelry, artifacts, artwork, and other valuable belongings. Therefore, when you are shopping for home insurance, make sure to ask your agent about special coverage for your personal belongings. 

What Is Not Covered By Home Insurance?

There are certain risks that home insurance does not cover. For example, it does not cover homeowners against flood-related damage, mudflow, abnormal tidal surges, and others. Typically, it also won’t pay for repairs or replacements due to an earthquake. 

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