Tips to prepare your boat for a storm

The storm season here in the Saint Paul, MN area can be problematic for boat owners. Preparing your vessel for an incoming storm is essential to protect it from the strong winds and heavy rains that can accompany it. Here are some tips from us at Rising Star Insurance to help you get your boat ready: 

1. Secure all loose objects on board – Anything not tied down should be securely stowed away in a dry location, such as an enclosed cabin or storage locker. Be sure to secure any items that could become hazardous during rough conditions, including large sails, fishing tackle, and boating supplies. 

2. Disconnect the battery – Unplugging the battery is always a good idea before a storm arrives so your electronics won’t be damaged by a power surge caused by lightning strikes or strong winds. 

3. Remove covers and tarps – These items are designed to protect your boat from the elements, but they can also act as sails when faced with gale-force winds, potentially damaging your vessel or other nearby boats in the marina. 

4. Inspect the hull – Make sure there are no cracks or gaps in the hull that could let in water during bad weather. If necessary, patch up any areas of concern before heading out on the water again after the storm passes. 

5. Invest in insurance – While you can take steps to minimize damage from storms, it’s best to have adequate coverage for your boat so you don’t want to worry about expensive repairs or replacements if something goes wrong during bad weather conditions.  

For more tips, call us at Rising Star Insurance today. We are proud to serve the Saint Paul, MN area.