Covering the contents of your home

You want coverage on your home against fire and storms, and most people also want to cover the contents of the home as well. The standard homeowner’s policy in Minnesota covers contents as well as the structure itself. Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN is here to help you have the coverage you need for your particular situation.

On most policies items like furniture, appliances, clothing, rugs, and personal belongings.  This would include furniture in sheds or garages on your property as long as the small outside buildings are listed on your policy. 

Policies may also cover property in your car, such as a laptop that you had locked in the car in your driveway. The only problem may be the deductible, which may be more than the property is worth.  Property stolen, or damaged during a burglary is also covered, but again the amount of the deductible will be a determining factor as to whether it is worth it to make a claim.

If you have some very valuable items, like jewelry of a collection of some kind that has value, you might want to consider a rider on your policy. This would have to be declared when you get your insurance, and it would have to be included in the policy. It is a good idea to keep receipts just in case you do have damage and need to file a claim.

GIve Rising Star Insurance a call in Saint Paul, MN for your homeowner insurance needs. We can help you find just the right overage that fits you and your individual situation. We can also help you cover valuable items or special collections you may have inside your home. Also, remember to update your policy yearly to make sure you are covered.