The Importance of Home Insurance

Your home is one of the greatest and most costly investments you will make in your life so you will want to protect it as well as you can. While home insurance is not required in Minnesota, the home insurance agents at Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN are stressing the importance of having a policy in place.

If you borrowed the money to purchase your home from a bank or other lender, your mortgage company will require you to have home insurance but even if you paid cash for your home or inherited it from a relative, you should have a home insurance policy in place to protect your home from any incident that may occur in the future.

Coverage Options for Home Insurance

Your home insurance policy will help you recover costs of the structure of your home, along with outbuildings and other structures, including your deck and garage, if there is a fire, an act of vandalism, or a natural disaster that occurs. You will want the help in paying to repair or rebuild your home while recovering from one of these horrible incidents.

Your homeowner’s insurance coverage will also help you replace your personal belongings, household items, furniture, and appliances if one of these incidents occurs or if a theft or burglary occurs at your home.

Most home insurance policies do not cover things like earthquakes, flooding, or neglect of the home. You can add an additional coverage option that will provide relief in the event that an earthquake or flood occurs.

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Insuring Your Home in Saint Paul, MN: What to Include

Home insurance is required if you have a mortgage. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that you must insure your home in order to keep your loan. That’s because banks and lending organizations must protect their investment and cannot afford to take risks that might create a loss.

Legal or Illegal?

It is legal to own a home in the state of Minnesota without insurance, but it is not advisable. Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN takes care of residents in Saint Paul and the surrounding area, providing them with various types of coverage for their homes. 

If you have ever tried to repair a roof without insurance or done any other type of work on your home, you know the costs that can add up and that they can be insurmountable.

How Much is Enough?

The next issue you will want to decide is how much insurance is enough? In the Saint Paul area, there are a variety of different types of homes, some requiring more insurance to cover the value. That’s where the pros at home insurance come in. They can look at the size and value of your home and what it would cost to repair or replace it. 

Whether it be due to fire, flood, or other means, it’s important to evaluate the amount of home insurance you’ll need to cover the risk.

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Visit with the professionals at Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN, and let them walk you through the process and look at your options. Your home is too important to you and your family to risk it. Get home insurance today from a trusted insurance agent. 

When considering insurance, always ask this question: "How much will it take to replace it if I lost it all?"

That will tell you how much insurance you need.

How can I benefit from home insurance?

In the Saint Paul, MN area, owning a home is a great option for anyone that is looking for a consistent place to live. If you are in the market for a new home here, you will find that there are plenty of great options available. When you do purchase a home here, you also need to make sure that you get into a quality home insurance policy. You can benefit from home insurance coverage in several ways. 

Coverage Will Protect Assets

A primary advantage of getting home insurance is that it can protect your assets. A quality home insurance policy will give you coverage to repair or replace your dwelling if it is every damaged. At the same time, you can receive coverage for your personal assets if you ever suffer a loss due to theft, fire, or another form of damage.

Liability Protection

Anyone that is going to purchase a home should spend time considering their personal liability risks. If there is ever any type of accident in your home that causes damage or injury to another part, you could be found responsible. Since these damages can add up and be expensive, you will want to have insurance to mitigate against this risk and ensure you are properly protected. 

Getting a home insurance policy should be considered a necessity for anyone that is in the Saint Paul, MN area. If you do live in this area of Minnesota and want guidance to help you choose a policy, you should reach out to Rising Star Insurance. Picking a home insurance policy is always a big decision. Since there are a lot of options available, you should work with the team at Rising Star Insurance to ensure you are properly covered and protected at all times. 

How can home insurance protect me?

If you are in the Saint Paul, MN area a great long term housing option to consider is to purchase your own property. If you are going to purchase a property in this area of the state, you need to make sure that you have it properly protected with insurance. Not only is home insurance usually a requirement, but it can also protect you and your home several different ways that make it well worth the investment.

Insurance Protects Assets

One of the advantages of getting home insurance is that it can protect your assets. There are a variety of forms of asset coverage that you will receive. This can include receiving coverage to repair or replace your dwelling and receiving protection to repair or replace your personal items. If you own expensive art, jewelry, or other collectibles, you can further protect the assets with an insurance rider.

Liability Coverage

Another advantage of home insurance is that it can give you valuable liability coverage. If you own a property and have a guest over, you are taking on some risk that they could be injured. If this occurs, you will want to make sure that you are covered for liability as you could be deemed liable for damages. A full home insurance policy can provide you with protection to mitigate this risk. 

As you are shopping for a home insurance policy in the Saint Paul, MN area, you should speak with the team at Rising Star Insurance. When you call the team at Rising Star Insurance, you will learn a lot more about how home insurance can protect you. They can then answer any questions that you have and help you get into a policy that will offer you the protection you need to maximize your coverage. 

How to protect your St. Paul property with home insurance

One of the best long-term investments that someone can make would be to buy a home. This is especially true for those that are in the Saint Paul, MN area, which is known for having a good housing market and economy. When you are looking to buy a home in this area, it is important that you have it properly covered by insurance. A home insurance policy can protect your Saint Paul property in a number of different ways. 

Protect Your Home

The main reason why people should make sure that they have a home insurance policy on their Saint Paul property is that it will protect the home. If your home is damaged by bad weather or a fire, you could end up suffering a significant amount of damage. When you have a home insurance policy, you will receive protection against these situations. This will give you the money you need to rebuild your property and cover any damages.

Personal Property 

Having home insurance will also protect your personal property. You likely have thousands of dollars of personal assets sitting underneath your roof. When there is a fire or theft that causes damage or loss, you want to make sure you’re protected. A home insurance policy will provide you with protection for your personal belongings and cover many different situations that could cause a loss.

There are clearly many benefits that come when you get home insurance. To ensure that you are properly covered for your Saint Paul, MN home, you need to call Rising Star Insurance. When you reach out to Rising Star Insurance, the company will help you to figure out your full home insurance needs. They can then help you get into a policy that will give your liability coverage and protect your most valuable asset. 

Do You Need Insurance If Your House Is Paid Off?

People keep insurance on their homes while they’re making payments to protect themselves in the event something happens. Lenders often require it as well. However, after your mortgage is paid off, you may think you can take a risk and save yourself money. Rising Star Insurance, serving Saint Paul, MN and the surrounding region, wants to educate homeowners about the risks associated with dropping insurance after their house is paid off. 

Legal Requirements

While you have a mortgage, lenders usually require you to have insurance to make sure they get their money. Additionally, this insurance protects the homeowner as well if something should happen. Since you no longer have a lender who wants payment for your home, you no longer hold any obligation to have homeowner’s insurance. On the contrary, homeowner’s insurance protects you once your home is paid off. It provides you with compensation if your home or possessions should be damaged. Each policy is different regarding how much and what it covers, so it’s important to compare your policy. You’ll also need to make adjustments to your policy once you pay it off.

Saving Money in the End  

Think about what would happen if something caused an extensive amount of damage to your home. Would you be able to afford to make the necessary repairs? Additionally, if something happened that made your house uninhabitable, do you know where you’d go? Would you have the money to stay in a hotel and still afford to hire help to repair the damage? Keep in mind, you may have to spend thousands of dollars in damages. 

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Covering the contents of your home

You want coverage on your home against fire and storms, and most people also want to cover the contents of the home as well. The standard homeowner’s policy in Minnesota covers contents as well as the structure itself. Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN is here to help you have the coverage you need for your particular situation.

On most policies items like furniture, appliances, clothing, rugs, and personal belongings.  This would include furniture in sheds or garages on your property as long as the small outside buildings are listed on your policy. 

Policies may also cover property in your car, such as a laptop that you had locked in the car in your driveway. The only problem may be the deductible, which may be more than the property is worth.  Property stolen, or damaged during a burglary is also covered, but again the amount of the deductible will be a determining factor as to whether it is worth it to make a claim.

If you have some very valuable items, like jewelry of a collection of some kind that has value, you might want to consider a rider on your policy. This would have to be declared when you get your insurance, and it would have to be included in the policy. It is a good idea to keep receipts just in case you do have damage and need to file a claim.

GIve Rising Star Insurance a call in Saint Paul, MN for your homeowner insurance needs. We can help you find just the right overage that fits you and your individual situation. We can also help you cover valuable items or special collections you may have inside your home. Also, remember to update your policy yearly to make sure you are covered.

Home Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Rising Star Insurance serving Maplewood, MN would like to discuss home accidents and how to prevent them.

What to do?

Sadly you can hurt yourself in many ways at home, from slips and falls, to sudden fires, to mishaps with cleaning supplies or medicines, especially with small children. The WikiHow site has comprehensive instructions describing how to prevent accidents in the home.  Some of the more important ones are:

  • Keep your living space uncluttered. A toy left on the floor or a loose rug could cause you to slip and fall with harmful results. A wet kitchen or bathroom floor can also be a danger. Keep all areas well lit.
  • Practice sound fire safety. Don’t keep flammable objects near fireplaces or space heaters. Check your electrical system for frayed wires. Install smoke detectors, and have a fire extinguisher ready, just in case. Don’t smoke and have a fire escape plan.
  • Practice kitchen safety. Do not let food go unattended when it is cooking on the stove. Keep knives and other sharp objects out of reach of children.
  • Keep all medicines and cleaning supplies under lock and key.

Be sure to take other safety measures, such as installing carbon monoxide alarms and keeping your sidewalks and driveway clear of leaves and fallen sticks. If you have a backyard pool, put a fence around it. Make sure your back yard is well lit. Keep your porch light on at night, and have important telephone numbers for your primary care doctor, poison control, and numbers of friends and family posted and on the contact list of your smartphone.

For more information on preventing home accidents, feel free to contact Rising Star Insurance serving Maplewood, MN.

Does My Home Insurance Cover Jewelry?

A typical homeowners’ policy will provide coverage for losses resulting from damages to the structure of your home and some of your personal belongings inside. Items lost due to theft or burglary are also covered under this policy — BUT not all of them. For a loss to be covered by the homeowners’ insurance policy, it must be insured under any of the standard set of 16 specific perils included in a homeowners’ policy whether you’re in Saint Paul, MN or anywhere in the state.

Standard Perils

Damages from vandalism, fire, hail, electrical current, falling objects, water (from plumbing issues), aircraft, hail, windstorm, volcanic eruption, etc. are generally covered under a standard homeowners’ policy. Theft and burglary are also covered. All damages are compensated up to a limit that’s explicitly stated in the policy. 

The Coverage for Jewelry and Other High-Valued Items 

Usually, jewelry and other high-value items in the house are covered if they are lost or damaged under circumstances involving any of the standard homeowners’ policy perils mentioned above — and often listed in the policy. The risk has to be explicitly listed in the policy for the loss to be covered. Remember that flooding isn’t covered under a homeowners’ insurance policy, so unless you have a separate flood insurance coverage, you will not receive any compensation if your piece of jewelry is lost or damaged in a flood. 

Increasing Coverage for Your Jewelry

More often than not, even when loss or damage occurs under covered circumstances, the payment offered doesn’t match the actual value of the jewel. Some insurance providers offer separate policies to cover jewelry and help their customers avoid excessive losses. This includes comprehensive policies and jewel floaters.

Home Policies with Rising Star Insurance

Based in Saint Paul, MN, Rising Star Insurance goes the extra mile to ensure that your jewelry is sufficiently covered under our comprehensive policies and other options. Give us a call today and talk to one of our agents if you want more details about our home insurance coverage options. 


Weather and Your Home Insurance Policy: Are You Covered?

Each year, insurance companies pay out billions of dollars in weather-related insurance claims. As extreme weather becomes more common and less predictable, the number of claims is expected to rise. If you have a homeowners insurance policy, you’re likely covered for most frequent weather events. However, not all weather-related damages are covered by all insurance policies. It’s up to you to figure out exactly what your policy covers, so you’re protected when severe weather strikes. 

Some policies limit or refuse payouts for select damages caused by wind and water. This applies in particular if you live in a Saint Paul, MN community that’s at risk for certain weather-related disasters. To make sure you have enough coverage, contact Rising Star Insurance Brokers today. You can also scan your current policy.

Pay close attention to: 

Water Damage

Water damage is common in most weather-related events. However, it’s not always covered. Some policies limit coverage for water intrusion caused by flooding while covering water damage resulting from broken pipes, melting snow, and torrential rains. This is particularly the case in policies purchased for homes located in areas that are known to flood. 

It’s up to you to make sure you’re covered before a flood occurs. If your policy does not include flood coverage, you may be able to purchase an additional flood policy or rider. 

Wind Damage

If you live in an area that’s beset with high winds, you may not be covered for certain types of wind damage unless your policy specifically says otherwise. Always pay attention to the exceptions included in your policy and cover the gaps in coverage with additional insurance coverage. 

To find out if you will be covered when severe weather strikes in Saint Paul, MN, call Rising Star Insurance Brokers and talk to an agent today.