How Should You Handle Insuring Your Classic Car?

Most motorheads tend to keep a project or two around just for those wide-open weekends where they can work on bringing an old classic back to life. Car enthusiasts like to use the skills they have developed throughout their life. For others, it can be a gift for a son or daughter or even a retirement plan.

Here are a few tips from Rising Star Insurance to get the best possible policy for your classic car.

Determine the Value – The assigned value of the car will vary depending on which agency you go to. For instance, some insurance agencies might value the work you have already put in differently from others. Whereas you think it only needs a couple more Saturdays put in, the insurance agency might find that hard to believe. Decide on a specific value range you will feel good about.

Driving Frequency – For most cases in Saint Paul, MN, a classic car will be kept in the garage, wrapped in a tarp and hidden from the elements. This is not your everyday vehicle. It is the change-of-pace, Sunday drive type vehicle. This means you will not be driving it as much as you would a main policy vehicle, your policy should reflect that.

Different Company, Different Coverage – Classic cars are known in the public sphere by their distinctive look. The Chargers, Challengers, and older Mustangs of yesterday have a style that makes them very desirable today. But there are lesser-known classic cars that appeal to different drivers. Be aware of the market for your vehicle. You need a policy that fits your exact collector’s car.

Classic cars can be a beautiful but stressful endeavor. If you are located in the Saint Paul, MN area and want to explore your option for classic car insurance, call us at Rising Star Insurance to find your ideal policy.