Upgrading Your Boat? Don’t Forget to Give Your Insurance a Boost Too

It seems like once you experience the pleasures of owning a boat, there’s no going back. If anything, you simply begin a lifelong obsession that includes trading in one boat for another, better one. If you have upgraded your boat recently, it’s important to also take a look at your insurance to make sure that it remains sufficient. The team at Rising Star Insurance has been serving the boating insurance needs of the greater Saint Paul, MN community and understands that spending time out on our area lakes is an important part of summer! We are here to provide any guidance that you may need when upgrading your insurance policy upon purchasing a new boat.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Insurance Too!

A new boat is a time for celebration and excitement, but don’t let that make you complacent about your insurance coverage. Too many people wing it when it comes to their insurance. Sure, they sit down with their agent and discuss all of their options when they take out their initial policy, but after that, there’s not a lot of attention given to making sure that their policy coverage is keeping up with their needs. Your coverage needs will change as the value of your boat increases, your teenage children start operating it, or if you alter your storage and docking practices. Don’t forget to make sure that your coverage is keeping up with your needs.

Is it time for a boat upgrade? If you have plans to trade in your Saint Paul, MN area craft for a newer or bigger model your coverage needs will likely change. Contact the team at Rising Star Insurance today, and we will get you out on the water with the protection you need!