Types of Life Insurance

When loved ones depend on you, it’s always important to have life insurance. These policies have two main types, each with pros and cons. If you don’t yet have life insurance or want more than you have, please give us a call at Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN to find out more and to get started. 

Whole Life Insurance

This is a popular type of policy as one of the main types of life insurance. It gets its name because a policy lasts for your whole life. It can’t be canceled as you get older if you keep paying the premiums as agreed. Even the issuing company can’t cancel your policy if you keep paying. This type of policy is more expensive, but many people appreciate that it doesn’t expire and can keep it even into their old age. A whole life policy also builds up a cash value. Policyholders can borrow against this sum if they need to. 

Term Life Insurance

A term life policy works much differently. It is suitable for only a set period, often about 20 years, and expires after that term. It does not build up a cash value but is less expensive. Many people find this an affordable way to keep a life insurance policy. Once the policy expires, it will be up to the former policyholder to apply for a new policy to keep life insurance. 

Choosing Your Life Insurance Policy

When you choose between a whole life and a term life policy, it can be helpful to talk to an insurance agent. If you need life insurance, call Rising Star Insurance in Saint Paul, MN to get started with a policy.