Common Auto Insurance Exclusions

Your car insurance offers excellent protection when involved in an accident — it covers the vehicle and the occupants. While auto insurance offers superb coverage, it doesn’t cover you against all the risks. Like all insurance coverages, your car insurance has limitations and exclusions.

Since Rising Star Insurance wouldn’t want to see you caught flat-footed when filing auto insurance claims, here is what your car insurance doesn’t cover.

Mechanical breakdowns

Is your transmission acting up? Has your engine seized? Your typical car insurance doesn’t cover mechanical failures. You will have to cover these repairs from your pocket.

Commercial use

Are you delivering pizzas for your business? You must purchase commercial auto insurance for your vehicle; otherwise, your car insurance won’t compensate you when accidents happen.

Personal possessions

Car insurance won’t cover the damage or loss of personal stuff in your car. You will have to rely on your home or renters insurance when such losses occur.

Driving outside America

Your car insurance protects you when within the borders of the US. Crossing to another country voids your coverage, but you can consider a “rider” or “endorsement” to cover you in a foreign country.

Unapproved vehicle modifications

If you are customizing your car, it’s important to notify your insurance company. Your insurer assesses your vehicle by assuming its standard equipment, so if you have modifications, they may not be covered when losses occur.

Illegal activities

If your car is damaged when carrying out criminal activities, your insurer won’t come to your rescue. Similarly, if you try to defraud your insurer, your claim will not only be voided, but you can face criminal charges.

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