Should You Provide Your Insurance Information After a Collision?

Nobody wants to get into an auto collision, but sometimes it happens. When it does, what are you supposed to do? Do you have to provide your insurance information to the other parties? Should you call the cops?

In any collision, the first and most important thing is to ensure that everyone involved is ok. Check for any type of injuries, and call 911 if anyone is hurt. 

If no one is hurt, then you have a little less stress, and you might ponder the right thing to do. You might wonder if it’s even best to give up your insurance information, especially if you’re confident that you aren’t at fault.

Should you give your insurance information to the other party?

Yes, If you get into a car accident, no matter how major or minor, it’s often a good idea to exchange insurance information with the other individuals involved. That info should also include names, license plate numbers, and driver’s license numbers.

So, when in doubt, exchange information. Also, when in doubt, contact your insurance provider and the police to ensure you take the proper action. In Saint Paul, MN, you must legally report an accident to the police if a person is injured or killed in the collision.

Aside from that, you want to exchange insurance information if any of the following is true:

  • A police report is filed
  • There was an injury
  • There was any amount of property damage
  • You are unsure as to whether or not you should

In general, it’s always ok to provide your insurance information. Still, there are circumstances when it might not feel necessary. So, here’s the one time when you can leave the collision without providing insurance information.

If everyone involved agrees that there are no injuries and that there was no damage, everyone agrees not to file a police report, and everyone agrees that you don’t need to exchange information, that is legal. Even then, it’s ok to exchange information, take pictures, and even file a police report. At the very least, you can still contact your insurance provider to ask for their advice, and they’ll walk you through everything necessary.

On the other hand, if you don’t have vehicle insurance, you need legal coverage immediately. For drivers in Saint Paul, MN, Rising Star Insurance is a great option.